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Energy Saving

Pools often cost far less to run than people generally believe, and we can help you reduce your bills and your carbon footprint, with a range of heating options and water management systems. These may involve a slightly higher initial cost, but savings don't take long to follow.


This is a requirement for all indoor pools newly built, we highly recommend it in all pools. The pool shell is insulated to reduce heat loss down and sideways. The Endless Summer Heatwave pool uses a unique system of heat retaining panels to offer huge savings in running costs. It offers different thicknesses of insulating panels to suit varying budgets.

Gas boilers

We supply and install a large variety of gas boilers, including the Certikin Genie Gas Boiler which can reduce running costs by up to 30%.

Heat pumps

A heat pump is an electrically powered machine which takes heat out of the air or ground and transfers it to the pool water, and is one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat indoor and outdoor pools. They can also be used to heat the room of an indoor pool. We supply many brands, including Calorex, Waterco, Elecro.

Solar heating

Solar heating is also a much underused heat source in the UK. Throughout the summer you can heat your pool almost free. We supply Suncell Solar Heating systems.

LED bulbs

No more worries about the cost of pool lights? With an LED bulb you'll reap the rewards. In most cases it is simply a case of switching the bulbs, and an LED bulb with cascade light through the water more effectively. With up to 100,000 hours of use, you'll rarely have to change a pool bulb again.


Solar covers, whether slatted or bubble, help enormously in reducing heat loss from the pool. With different grades to choose from, there is a choice for all budgets, and we hold many solar covers in stock or can order the one you want.

Multicyclone water saving

This is housed in the plant room and filters out larger debris before it reaches the filter. It reduces the filtering running time and results in much less water loss, meaning less water requiring heating.

Also available are variable speed pumps, which use a lower pump speed for routine day-to-day filtration and can pay for themselves within a few years.

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