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Exercise Pools

An exercise pool incorporates a counter-current device such as a Fastlane, which you control to match the speed you wish to swim.


Fastlane is great for both competitive swimmers and those just looking for regular exercise. It's similar to a runner's treadmill - providing a continuous current flow that you swim against, allowing you to swim for miles without actually moving, providing the same effect as doing lengths in a large pool.

It's ideal for swimming training, general exercise or rehabilitation programmes, and certainly makes exercising great fun.

How does Fastlane work?

We suspend a Fastlane unit on the side of your pool - it can be added to most reasonably large or commercial pools. It contains a channelling system that both straightens and smooths the current, and can be powered from up to 200 feet from the pool, ideally with the other pool equipment. It can be placed in water as shallow as 35?, so if the pool is deep enough to swim in, it's deep enough for Fastlane.

The unit needs to be unit is at least 12 feet from the opposite wall of the pool, so there is about a 10 foot long lane for you to swim in. We can install Fastlane during construction or retro fit one to an existing pool. We sell a variety of brands, including Badu, Fluvo and Espa. All are good quality products with differing sizes of jet to suit your needs, whether competitive swimmer or fitness fanatic.

The Marquis ATV-14™ Swim Spa

A Swimspa is an exercise pool with a spa or hot tub at one end of the pool. The spa can be integral to the pool or have its own separate filtration and heating source. The key attraction is that you can install such a pool for a relatively small cost, and enjoy swimming as exercise every day.

ATV-14™ is 14 feet of aquatic activity and enjoyment! Designed to fit into a relatively smaller area, the ATV-14™ doesn't skimp on features or benefits. With a true four foot of water depth you can stand up submerged in water and exercise away! Plus even tall, lanky swimmers will get the workout they desire with ample height and wingspan area. Butterfly, breast stroke or freestyle your way to fitness! Plus the ATV-14™ will look great in your space. The synthetic wood exterior is the best in the industry and the optional matching exterior steps will create a beautiful focal point in your yard. Discover how to improve your healthy performance and elevate your swim spa experience with an Aquatic Training Vessel™ by Marquis® today!

ATV-14™ Specifications

  • size US: 168.5" x 89.5" x 56" h
  • size INT: 428cm x 227cm x 143cm
  • weight dry: 2,140lb / 971kg
  • weight full: 16,526lb / 7,496kg
  • water depth: 48" / 122 cm
  • ozonator: corona discharge
  • Therapy seats: 1 full depth, 1 cool down
  • filtration: dual filter 120 sq ft
  • synthetic exterior: Espresso or Ash
  • interior: Ocean Blue or Frost White
  • wi-fi: plug & play ready
  • water capacity: 1,725 gal / 6,529 l
  • electrical: 50 amp
  • pumps: 3 dual speed
  • therapy jets: 26
  • swim jets: 6 high volume turbo jets
  • flow rate: 480 GPM / 1817 LPM
  • control panel: side located
  • skimmers: integrated cover/LED lit
  • insulation: full foam
  • swim tether: included

ATV-14™ optional features

  • audio system: Bluetooth, subwoofer, 4 surface speakers
  • interior lighting: 12-point LED light system
  • fountains: 12-point w/LED lights
  • cover lifts: 2 Cover Companions
  • audio options: audio port, floating remote
  • rowing system: Resistance & Rowing Kit
  • ATV™ steps: Espresso or Ash
  • wi-fi module

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