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Liner Pools

Liner pools

Liner pools are the most popular method of pool construction as they are easy and quick to install, and are reliable and long lasting.

With kits starting from as little as £2,000, you don't need to be rich to experience a little bit of luxury in your own back garden. The walls are created from concrete blocks, prefabricated steel or polymer. A liner pool can be ready within two to three weeks of the start date, and is a great project for a DIY enthusiast or competent builder.

Liner pool services

We offer 2 services with any type of pool. We can run the entire project from start to finish, or we can simply supply the equipment and carry out assorted tasks as you require:

Liner pool installation

We survey the proposed location, discuss your requirements and then submit drawings, a full specification and a quotation to you. If planning permission is required, then we will attend to this also, though it is not normally required for outdoor pools.

Our full installation service includes excavation, earth removal, pool construction, surround paving, landscaping, plant room construction, heating, filtration, plumbing and provision of water, gas and electric services as required. Many years of experience goes into the installation of your pool - it's something we've been doing for over 40 years.

DIY liner pools

We supply a full range of pool kits, a comprehensive instruction book, and a DVD of the pool construction. We also will provide you with an Autocad drawing specific to your pool, accompanied by text instructions, as well as photos of pool fittings for you to refer to. Many of our customers find this the most useful aid of all.

If you wish, we can build additional services into the price of the kit, such as supervisory site visits, or installing the pool liner. We are very much hands on with after-sales service, and will not abandon you once you have paid for the pool kit.

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