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V65L Hot Tub

V65L is your personal vacation at home: Compact size fits tight spaces: Comfortable lounge lets you really chill out: 22 Jetpods soothe weary muscles: Convenient plug-n-play system lets you locate it anywhere: Just add friends for serious fun!

The V65L is a compact tub that packs in a whole range of features; with 4 seats catered to by 22 specialised Jetpods utilizing our Varibale Velocity Valves (V3). The V3 system allows you full control of the pump flow, letting you choose between 0% and 100% of the flow - and better yet, you can choose specific seats to set the flow level for! Our VOLT System provides a powerful hydrotherapy feature, maximizing flow volumes and eliminating cross-currents to really boost the hydrotherapy effects of the tub. The unique Jetpods provide deep muscle massage, while the orbital jetpods deliver a broad stream, delivering a rotating massage.



Capacity/Seats 4/4
Exterior Dimensions* 165 x 213 x 75cm
Total Jets 22
Water Capacity 795
Dry Weight 200kg
Filled Weight 995kg
Voltage/Amp 230V 32A

* All dimensions nominal

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