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Our team of fully trained Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) engineers install, service and maintain the equipment we sell. Many other companies in the market will take your money without having the engineers to support and maintain the products you buy. This is what sets us apart.

Regular pool servicing

Why carry out your own servicing and maintenance, when we have experts ready to help, allowing you to concentrate on your main duties, or freeing up more of your time to enjoy your pool. We already run many service and maintenance contracts with domestic and commercial customers, but still have space for more. We can service your pool regularly - whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

In our regular service, we will net any debris and vacuum the pool, backwash the filter and rinse. We test and adjust the chemicals and monitor the pool temperature, and check the pool equipment for faults. If we need to take any chemical or mechanical action, we will advise you of costs before starting.

Please contact us for a competitive quote.

Spring openings and winter closedowns

We can also quote for seasonal servicing at crucial times of year.

In spring we can get the pool ready for swimming by removing the winter cover, brushing, {shocking?} and vacuuming the pool, and giving the equipment a general service to establish everything is working correctly.

In winter we can close your pool down by vacuuming it, removing any debris, shocking the pool, adding winter algaecide, fitting your winter cover (if you have one) and draining down all of the plant equipment. The key to having a clean pool in the spring is to properly close down in winter, so it pays to get the experts in to do it for you.

Other services

Some of the other services we offer are:

  • Green pool cleaning
  • Liner fitting
  • Filter sand changes
  • Heating checks
  • Plant repairs
  • Sauna or steam building or repairs
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Leak detection

We do far more besides, so should you have any pool, spa, sauna or steam room problems, please contact us for a maintenance visit where one of our engineers will help to fix your problems.


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