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The soothing gentle warmth and muscle-relaxing properties of steam vapours have been valued for thousands of years. As such, steam rooms were a centrepiece of the great Mediterranean civilisations of old.

We've developed our designs from the magnificent bathing houses of ancient Rome, with a wide selection of ceramic tiled steam room formats which we can customise to suit your requirements. You can enhance the steam experiences with aromatherapy essences, mood lighting, crystal features and music. We also sell Tylo steam rooms and showers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Gentle heat and penetrating humidity relaxes your body, eases your muscles and soothes away the cares of the day. Simultaneously, the steam cleans every pore, leaving your skin sooth, hydrated and revitalised. These are just a few of the benefits of a steam room. Whether custom-built or prefabricated, you can rest assured you are buying high quality from a professional company.

Steam options

We offer long-standing experience in designing manufacturing and installing steam rooms - for hotels, luxury spas and leisure centres nationwide, as well as in people's homes. We'll take your project from design through to completion. Our design team will create detailed CAD drawings according to your plans or dimensions, to ensure effective use of space, for our manufacturing department to create.

On Site Build

Our engineers will assemble your steam room on site, including the tiling if specified. We can tailor the steam experience to your wishes - warm and humid or hot and steamy. You can also incorporate mood lighting, crystal features and aroma treatments which, all of which enhance the bathing experience to leave you utterly refreshed and relaxed.

Prefabricated Tylo Steam Room

Tylo steam rooms are constructed with walls and ceilings of plastic, glass or tiles, all of which can cope with the 100% humidity of the bathing cycle. These steam rooms are cost effective, high quality, durable and hard wearing; minimising service and maintenance costs. With domed roofs, recessed downlighting, perfect seals and many more features, they are a wonderful addition to a home or health suite.


We service many types of steam generators, including Tylo, Harvia, Vapac, Helo, Certikin and Nordmann. We carry a large number of spares and supply a large number of accessories for steam rooms, ranging from vent covers through to light fittings. Please call for further information or check which steam equipment we sell at our online shop.

Recent Installations

Take a look at some of our recent installations:

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