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We design, manufacture, supply and install wellness therapy facilities. These fare generally based on traditional sauna and steam therapies, with some of the materials, humidity and temperature altered to create different atmospheres, experiences and relaxation treatments. We install all of the following, or supply them for self-assembly.

To discuss plans for a spa development incorporating any of the following, please just call.


Bursts of intense heat and steam in a tiled environment.

Tepidarium and Laconium

Warm dry rooms for longer periods of relaxation and contemplation.

Salt and aromatherapy rooms

Stimulate the senses with either salt or aromatherapy vapours.


In a warm, tiled Rasul room, mineral rich muds are massaged into your body. You relax upon heated tiled seats or loungers, enjoying gentle music under fibre optic lighting. The mud bakes onto your skin prior to steam being produced, loosening the mud before a tropical rain shower washes the mud away to leave your skin silky smooth.


A classic Turkish bath for relaxation, health and socialising. Subtle lighting and music therapy add to the ambience, with heated tiled massage beds with hot water for wet massage and foam treatments. Hamam is good for the body and soul and relaxes muscles and improves circulation.

Foot spas

Reflexology spa systems have heated tiled benches with individual footbaths. The baths fill automatically on demand with warm water before bubbles massage the feet and stimulate the reflexology zones. The bath then drains ready for the next person.

Heated loungers

What better way to enhance a bathing experience than with a heated tiled lounger? A positive addition to any pool suite, spa retreat or relaxation complex. Just lie back, relax, read a book or chat whilst you are gently warmed through the tiles. These loungers are extremely popular in the home, too.

Ice station

Either as a stand-alone item or part of an ice room (chilled room), ice stations produce flaked ice into a bowl or tiled pedestal. The ice is rubbed on the body to cool the skin between or after hot treatments.

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